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My fun sick life with the dog

So, I have a dog. I got him about ten years ago. I never used to think that, I would be a pet owner. It was something, that I thought to be just for others. I've always loved animals, but my family never had any. When the idea became, I started to study. I read every possible dog book and talked with everyone I knew, that had pets. Every book said, that you shouldn't take the shy one, but when I saw the litter, I was ready to forget every advise. When I walked in, one puppy was interested about me, others were running around and playing. This shy and small one came to me and put his tiny head onto my shoe. He was so small, that his jaw was barely, on high enough to lean on my winter boot. He just stand and looked me. It was love for first sigh!

At the time I had better situation with my health, but in first year the situation started to change fast. The shy puppy wasn't shy anymore and had filled with energy. My energy was getting down. I was so lucky that my family was able to take him. It wasn't easy thing to give him away, but at least he was still in my life and our story didn't ended to that.

He loves to nap and is always ready for it. He isn't a lap dog, but wants to sleep close. Most often on my knees leaning to me and head over my ankles. As puppy he wanted to take his afternoon nap on his back on my arms. Two hours everyday! I had magazines next to my arm chair, but I just loved to watch him snuffling. He grew over from it sadly. Well, I Still have my naps with him. I always sleep better with him! It helps with my muscle spasms, when he leans to me and keeps me warm. Even if just one of his paws in on me, it's enough to keep me warm. It's amazing!

He is always been caring and worrying type. He looks after his pack. Leaves the last from door, to be sure that everyone is coming and we aren't forgetting anyone behind. When someone is sick he stays on guard. It doesn't matter is there his favorite food or time to go outside. He doesn't move. At one time I had extremely bad days, when my pain medication wasn't working. How he wanted to help me, was to curl up to my stomach to sleep. He wanted to be as close then possible. That has been the only time, when that has happened. The whole other health story would be, how much he has helped me mentally. It's great to have someone who is always exited to see you and loves you even if you are grumpy at that day. He doesn't like hugs that much, but somehow knows, if I'm needing it, and sits patiently while I'm hugging him.

He knows to be careful with wheelchair, but travels on my lap in elevator. He likes to pull me around, what lead to idea for my book cover. I've been lucky and can keep him as much my health lets me and have people to take care of him, when I'm not doing well. He isn't official assistance dog, but he is that for me. He makes everyday to be better! More in Twitter @FromMadeByMeri


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