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My fun sick life: Impracticly practical world

Considering how little I think about needing wheelchair in everyday life, is weird how much I have things to say about it. One doctor once told to me, that wheelchair is same to someone with pain or muscle disease, then umbrella is for other people. You just look outside thinking, "Looks like today might rain" and take umbrella with you. In my case a wheelchair. I've already told about my journey to get my own wheelchair and something about life with it. Now I'm on the point that I have a wheelchair and it's time to go outside.

Cities, well almost anything isn't planned for wheelchairs. But when we talk about things and places that are planned for easy moving, it's amazing how not functional they can be. Best was toilet for disables at 4th floor in building without lift! Yes, there is disables that aren't effecting to your movement, like blindness, but that's not the point now. Here was new public building that was advertised as place that was easy for people in wheelchair. They even had someone in wheelchair to help with planning and testing was it functioning. I learn how impractical it was when I got to street next to it. Pavement around the Building was made from tiles and they had so wide gaps between those, that my front wheels dropped to every single one!  Couldn't move without help. Inside had wall-to-wall carpeting takes off all power and speed from wheels. It's like swimming in quicksand. Toilet was the best. Heavy door that you had to pull and hold at same time, when you had to turn and try to Wheel inside. I did it once myself. It was too much effort. How this is possible with specialist helping with these things, is same how disability sport is a thing. With wheelchair you can do even a marathon if you like to, just not if you have something that effects also to your hands.

That toilet's door made me to think about my own building's lift. It's old and small and has same kind of door. I can use it only because I have over moving shoulders, and my arms spends to positions they really shouldn't be able to do. I once asked my friend to try it. Can she get to lift with wheelchair by herself. She couldn't! 

One place where you could think, that everything should work is hospitals. Last time when I was in ward, the bathroom had so strong inclination, that I had to use brakes, so I could stand next to sink and wash my hands. Own stories are places that on higher floors with out lifts. Once I had appointment to doctor and there found out that it was on 4th floor, in building without lift. I called and told that I'm not coming, unless the doctor wants to carry me! He didn't want to.

I like malls, just because they are usually easies places to move. No steps to every store, trying to move in traffic, going back and front to car… But there is a lot work to do, before all places could be
accessible. Or even close to that. One thing that I would like to have is some kind of sign to tell is some place really accessible or not. Not like the new building here.  It happens to often that I go to somewhere just to find out that I can't go to there. @FromMadeByMeri


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