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My fun sick life: Attitude can change everything

Sometimes I enjoy having flu, or some other "regular" illness. I know it sounds weird. It's just the fact, that others understand and respects more, when they are able to understand, what is happening to you. When you are dealing with illnesses, that people can't see from your exterior, they can't understand and easily keep you just lazy. "Once again we need to do your work. We are tired too and my pack is hurting too!", "If you just would try, you could do it!" Flu doesn't get over, if you just choose that! Just think what could happen if, someone doesn't take flu seriously and just keep pushing him/herself to keep going. It can lead to other, much more serious problems. Same is with chronic illnesses.

People can be most caring and understanding, when you have flu. Or broken leg. Then you can rest and they offer help to you. They are bringing food, calling to ask how you are doing and can they do something for you. Chronic and "invisible" disease isn't part of this group. It's mythical monster, that you should ignore or even better just deny completely. What if it's contagious! Sometimes it can make others to be hypochondriac and they get scared from every symptom they are having. Still they can think, that you aren't even sick. They are people that have ironic grin, while they are talking about your situation, unbelieving amused smile when they are talking about health or are seeing some of my symptoms. I could name view dozen person like this. Here is view things that you may not want to tell to person like me:

  • But you don't even look like sick!
  • They would already found what is wrong with you, if that could be real!
  • Do you know that mental problems can appear as physical problems?
  • Everyone gets tired, but we don't give up!
  • It must to be so fun that you can just stay home, and have time for naps. I wish to have life like yours!
  • You are just getting old. Every one gets something with age. You aren't exception!
  • It can't be that hard. Just choose to do better!
  • Just think positively and everything is alright.
  • You are just depressed! It's just in your head!
I saw once quote saying "Don't wonder why people gets crazy, wonder why some aren't!" I don't know who said that, but people's attitudes are like that. If you weren't anxious already, they really can make it to happen.


Life is full of opportunities, even your options might feel limited. You don't have that much strength or not sleep that much but, if you can dream something, you can probably do it. You just will need lot of patience and imagination. When you are retired or in long sick leave, it really doesn't feel like holiday. First of all you don't feel well, then secondly you'll probably have hospital visits, therapies etc to keep you busy. Everyday feels casual, not at all like holiday! Somethings are that kind of things, that we most often do as our free days. On special days. Like getting a pizza or renting a movie. "It's just Monday, so I can't do this!" starts to be your everyday feeling. But is doesn't have to be like that. Even you are just at home for reason, life doesn't have to be sad and boring. You can do things just for fun. You don't need better reason, then the fact that you are surviving with your health problems day by day. Anyways things we do for fun are often the best kind of things! It's fun idea what you life could be if you wouldn't limiting yourself. All of this inspires and gives new mental and even physical powers to keep going on. We often imagine things to be impossible, even they aren't!

View things you could think of doing:
  • Call to that person, who will always make you smile. This doesn't work at night times, but then you can write to him/her. I've noticed that even writing something that your friend will read later, actually feels like they are listening while I write. Or if you are tired, just remember your fun times together.
  • Remember someone with card or gift. It will make both of you happy!
  • Go to shower, do your skincare, nails, shave your legs… What ever beauty routines you have. Listen music and have nice drink. Just give time for yourself.
  • Go to sleep with fresh sheets after shower. It somehow makes me always to sleep better.
  • Take your phone off for moment.
  • Read old cards and notes that other have send to you. It can remind you, that you've got nice and supporting words more often, then it may feel. I often write down messages that I got, so I'll have those later. I also have big box of letters and cards from my whole lifetime.
  • If you are feeling down, write or draw it down, and let it be that way. When I was kid I get rid off from stubborn nightmare with this trick.
  • With hard pain I like to watch sitcoms. It's easy and doesn't require thinking at all. And some point I will find myself laughing.
  • Write, draw, express yourself with the way that it's natural to you. Just let your mind to wander around.
  • Tell to someone that you appreciate him/her. Of course it would be nice to have people on line to tell these things for you, but you can make that good feeling to someone else.
  • Invite someone over and plan what you will do together.
  • Listen music. It really can effect to your mood.


  1. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I'm
    inspired! Very useful info specially the last section :) I handle such info much.
    I used to be seeking this certain info for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

    1. Blogger notifications haven't been working well, but if you have Twitter account, you will get notification from my every new post.

  2. Your style is so unique in comparison to other folks I've read stuff from.
    I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I'll
    just book mark this web site.

    1. I'm trying to keep my style as positive and inspiring then possible, not about complaining how hard life can be. I keep writing as often my health lets me to do so.

  3. Thanks for both of you! .And everyone, be free to ask for subjects that interest you, was it about arts or this weird life with illnesses. Why I started to write a book was to share information about things, that I've had to learn with the hardest ways. I think I'll write about my book project soon.


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