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Tutorial: Making your own flowers. Headbands and brooches

Why to pay from something, if you can do it easily by yourself. I've once written about this in Flowers for summer but at that time, I wasn't planing to do tutorials, so this is deeper look for those. I had so much ready petals, that I'm not doing those for this post. I've tried many kind of fabrics, but taffeta is my ultimate favour. It easy to cut, because it doesn't stretch. Other how it gets fast unravels, so maybe just cut as much you are gong to burn at once. I'll show to you how to do a flower and then change it to hairband or brooch. But think yourself new ways how to use this. And if you get creative ideas, please share with me!

So get the fabric that you want to use. If there is strong lines, it's better to iron it now. Then cut with scissors drop shape petals. You need four to five different sizes. If you want cut fast at same size petals, you can at first cut the fabric to straps. Choose what sizes you need based, how you are using the flower. Like if you are doing something for a child, you'll probably want to do smaller. You can  make bigger petals to work for smaller flower, just putting the sharp ends of the petals more over each others in middle area. You are covering the middle with pearls, so don't worry about mess, But I'm saying that do always your best, and don't trust it, that you can cover it. You can, but when you are always doing your best, you get better. In my work, the biggest petals are about 5x7cm (2x3 inches) and the smallest are 1x3cm (0,4x0,2 inches). Smaller are longer, because filling the middle are would cover whole petals otherwise.

After cutting the petals you can burn the sides with lighter or candle. My mother is burn these for me and she said, that lighter was the best for taffeta. It makes sense, because the flame is hotter and taffeta is harder fabric then organza or silk. Be in place where air moves well, because the fumes. It isn't good for your health to breath those. Other important thing is that this is something, that only adults should do! Be prepared for accidents and fire, with proper ways. Be ready to put down accidentally burning petal and in the case you'll drop it, use not burning surface. With big petals you might be able to hold it from other side with your fingers, but tweezers or pliers are good thing to have. There is many shapes of tweezers and small pliers is good investment, for anyone working with crafting and sawing. Like if you have problems to get needle into fabric, you can use pliers to pull it.

Plan your flower selecting the most of petals. Of course you can add those later, like I had to, but this makes sawing to be faster. Like always, imperfection makes it just more life-looking. If you burned one part too much or it's not shape you hope it to be, you can put that petal to middle to hide it. If there is too wide burn edge, you can cut part of it off.

Start sawing from the biggest, the bottom, layer. If some are little too big add those first, as to bottom once and start to add new petals over it, the sharp ends to top each others. If it's possible, avoid making stitches to right middle, because when you get to pearls, and if you've made all stitches to that area, it's really hard to get needle to through it. But in that case, remember the pliers. Couple stitch per petal is enough.

Then move to next layers and remember to avoid stitches in middle.

When you are doing higher levels, it's easier to saw petals just for layers beneath it, not into every level.

At this time I used bigger pearls. You can be creative with it and options are endless. Flowers for summer has more pictures about flowers I've made. Saw every pearl once or twice. Use your own consideration with that. If there is empty looking places between pearls, but those seems to be too small for new pearl, the pearl will fit, if you pull the yarn tightly and it's good in this case and tighten all pearls. I made a mistake while adding the bottom petals and placed one crooked. You could easier cover it with new petal, but like always, imperfection isn't problem if it just looks clean.

First how to so hairband. This is moment to use small leftover ribbons. I like to use satin. Any matching color will work. Saw the other end to back side of the flower. To little bit over the middle.

Measure the ribbon rotating it around your middle finger and cut it from place, where my nail is in the picture.

Put the ribbon to be double and place the new hairband to halfway and fold the ribbon to half.
Press the folded ribbon with your finger and saw it. Don't saw the band itself! Otherwise it will rip the stitches while stretching.

If you want to do brooch, just place the brooch needle to the place from where I started to sawing the silver ribbon. I recommend the needle with safety lock on it.  @FromMadeByMeri


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