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Scary English - Writing with foreign language

I believe that anyone who is reading something I wrote or said using English can tell, that it isn't my own language. I was originally worry can I even do this blog with my English. Is it enough! Well, I haven't get any negative feedback, even better I've got questions asking about writing!  I've written a lot, but this was new challenge. Someone once said that I can make others to understand what I want to say easily, but I don't do it with the way, how native speaker would ever do it. I started to learn English almost twenty years ago. First ten years it was really big struggle for me and I didn't used it. It was so bad that I still see time to time nightmares, how they will call to me from my old school telling it was mistake that they let me out from school because I fail English. So how I'm here today, writing more in a week then I did in my whole school time?

For awhile I had lot of extra time and I watch a lot of TV shows, It was before I was able to get Netflix or any other streaming service, so the series that I was able to watch were limited. That lead to it that I watch my favourite series, that I owned, more times then I can believe even myself. Like Friends and Gilmore girls. In one point I changed the subtitles to English, to see how words were written. In time I started to learn words and phrases. Then I wanted to read a book that wasn't translated, so I decided to try it with original English version. I toughed, that I'll write down every word I don't know and use it for learning. There was two word in whole book that I didn't knew! Other one I don't remember anymore, but the second was cul-de-sac. (Had to check the spelling for that one.) Then I started to read more and stopped using subtitles. With books I love to read what the author actually said, not how translator wants to say it. And in English is much more vivid words to explain certain things. Like how many different words is to tell that someone is happy! With TV shows I learn that translators aren't that good. Or they can't fit everything on screen. Sometimes the translation isn't even same then the original contexts was! Anyways so much more enjoyable.

Using any languages works as same way. Don't scare mistakes! Even with your own language someones are worried how to explain themselves. I use to say to others that are learning, to think about two or three years old child. They don't know how to make full sentences, or what order they should put words. Or even know all words, but everyone who is been around them, knows that they can tell what they want to say. Person can survive with so much smaller learning then they can ever imagine, if they just are brave. Describe, use alternative words, draw or even act if it's needed. I was once in grocery storage and saw woman acting like a bee to salesman, to explain that she wanted to pay honey! She got it.

I just heard a story about first time when Americans and people from Soviet union worked at first time in space station. They both had to learn the each others language. I can just imagine, that while working in space station they needed more then basic tourist words. Someone realized that it was easier to them to understand each others, when Russians spoke English and Americans used Russian. That way they used more simple words and it was easier to other to understand. This was how they communicate.

When I was in school and I had to write something, I had to check basically every word. Now I check spelling for five words. I learn those every time I write here. I see my own mistakes, when I'm reading my old texts and that's how I can see my own progress. @FromMadeByMeri


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