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My fun sick life: From akward to pretty wheelchair

I need wheelchair time to time and we've have really roller coaster type relationship. I can't remember the first time I used it, but I think I was thirteen or fourteen years old. In first ten years I used borrowed chairs, that weren't the nicest. If I was lucky, I got shiny red one, but not that lucky days it was dirty gray color. They are often really old and what size ever. They move as well they want or not really at all. I saw once in ER two young boys trying tricks with wheelchair and one landed to his back on the floor. At least I haven't done that. At least yet!

My last wheelchair had interesting effect. It made me to get very intensive electric shocks. From random places, but the lift's buttons were the worst. I got once so hard electric shock, that I was able to see the lightning between my finger and the button. After that I remember to use my sleeve between my finger and button, or ask help. When I told about this in the hospital, I heard about wheelchairs that used to make stories security alarms on, when you went into gates. In first times so much confusion and later hard times while trying to explain what happened, and just hope that shop believes you.

When I got my first own wheelchair, made with my measurements and wishes, I loved it first time ever! Many older people chooses to stay inside rather then use it, because they see it only sign of weakness. For me it was freedom! First of all it was mine and always at home, so it was easy to get when needed, and the doorstep to use it went lower. I'm really sad for those, who focus about possible thoughts that other might get, rather then life there own life! Second thing was that I started to run straight through to walls and corners. It took so much less effort and power, that I took too much speed. It stopped in time. I got to choose the color. It was limited selection, but even the option was so great. I got metallic bronze. Maybe little more gold then bronze. My grandmother made new cover for the seat pillow from furniture fabric, that had beige and brown butterflies. It was good thing because I once accidentally pour my drink to it, and it protected that expensive pillow. At this point I started to see it more like assessor, then aid. It was something like purse. It had important purpose, but it was also pretty. In time I needed new one and got shiny dark magenta. It's so small and pretty that I don't care even I need it!

Some things I've found practical in years. I have always hand disinfectant in back pocket of the wheelchair. Wheels are like bottom of your shoes and your hands are so close of those, that I want to clean them time to time. At least before eating! I have rubber coating on hand rims, so it's not slippery or cold, even at winter. Use well-seated clothes. Not too tight or big, or you'll get problems. And as woman, remember that others will see you from other perspective then usually. So higher neckline and longer skirts, if you don't want to show off more, then you thought. I had accident with too long skirt that started to roll around front wheel in speed, pulled me doubled, my stomach on my thighs and my neckline went to half way of my stomach showing of my bra in middle of town. I didn't get free before my friend use scissors to cut me off! Anyways you will need help  time to time, but more about that in the future. @FromMadeByMeri


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