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My way

I often noticing, that I'm doing something with certain way, just because I should do it that way. It can be about using some colors together or not. Using some materials to do something or ... It can be about anything! This isn't now just about, creative works. Well, I guess this is creative way to think, but this isn't something to ably just with that kind of works. It's about how we think! We keep doing things the same way, we've used to do or seen others to do. It's kind of saying that your way to do it's better then mine. It can be better then yours, but who knows if you don't think other ways to do something.

I've had some topics that I've thought I could write about, but then stopped because, it isn't perfect fit with my blog. I stopped to think about this at this morning. Who says that I can't write in my own blog about what I want! This is going to stay as creative blog, about crafting and everything beautiful that inspires me. At least for the reason that my life is about it, but I'm not going to limit myself at same time. Like seems that many of you here, is more interested about my style of writing then what I actually do! And it's fine. Writing is anyways a topic, what I want to focus more in future. Be yourself and write about what you want and feel in the moment. If you aren't interested  to write it, how you can wait others to be interested to read it!

One note for the end. Don't forget to take camera with you, if you are into nature pictures! You might lose some good opportunities. I just did! @FromMadeByMeri


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