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My fun sick life - what people are afraid to ask

People are often afraid to ask certain things. On general level with everyone, but even more if you are different in anyways. Sometimes it goes to level, where they are nervous even to talk with you. It's easier just walk past over. Most kids doesn't have that scare in them. They are naturally curios and aren't worrying, what the person might think about them after asking something. It's more like social norm, how we learn to act. One time I was at town and about 3-4 years old girl came to me, put her hand for my leg and tried to climb to my lap. His father was view steps away and was terrified. He pick her up and told to her, that she shouldn't bother me. He didn't look me at all or said anything. He just took her off and walked away. What I was thinking when she came to me was, how cute she and the situation was. I didn't mind. Only thing about that situation that I didn't liked, was the fathers behavior. Of course there is things to consider in situ…
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My fun sick life: as artist

I'm challenging myself and doing half done works at this month. Yes, I have easily 30 half finished works! How that is possible? I have always multiple works on going, because I need to change what I'm doing, based of how I feel and what my body lets me to do.  Not only that, will it let me to work at all. I can basically do anything related to arts, but how much and how often is the question. That's why I didn't believe, that I can finish Inktober, and was so suprised, when I actually got it done.

Most challenging thing for my back is painting with easel. Painting is little bit easier, if I'm working on table and I have something to lean on, but it takes a lot from me to keep holding my hands in the air. And anyways painting with easel is much more fun, so I often do it at summers, when I'm usually doing better. My top skill and actual thing I've done for living, sewing miniature dresses, needs a lot focusing and accuracy. I also need a flat surface for it…

Posting photos daily - how I feel about it

I've been posting my works in Twitter daily now 36 days. I have new views about this, then before I started Inktober. Before I was thinking so carefully, about what I'm showing to world. Does everything has to be perfect was literally for remind myself, to remember not to take art always as seriously. I posted with that post my random sketches. Well now I feel, that I'm posting random sketches at everyday! It's good to show the down sides and imperfections time to time, but as content creator, it's not the best to send too much of those. It should be more about things you love to do and see. I keep looking other creators and feel that I'm so much worse then they are with something. I think we all keep forgetting that someone might been practicing something even decades. I'm not going to be as talented  in a year with Photoshop, then someone who went to schools for things like that and does it everyday for living. Thankfully it's not just how good you ar…

Creative Every Day - What Creativity is?

I did something, what I didn't believed that I can do. I finished the Inktober! I didn't missed even a day, even I once posted like 30 minutes late, I count it as success. I actually loved it and feelings after posting the last photo where a lot. It was mix of relief, glad and emptiness. I was so happy, when I got it done, but at the same time I didn't want it to end. I actually draw even more then I posted in last month! I started to search view days ago, what kind of challenges are on online for November. I found view possibilities. 30 characters in 30 days, made me to think about my bears and doing whole family of them. Maybe even whole village! But what I found next was, Art every day month. I read about it more and liked the idea. Basically working same then Inktober. Then I saw that the same site has also Creative every day challenge. The Blogger Leah Piken Kolidas says; "Creativity is meant in the broadest sense, so it doesn't have to be something art rela…

Future of the blog

I haven't been writing that much in last month. I haven't been feeling well and every time I've written something, I haven't been completely happy with it. I started this as my notebook & portfolio. Something that I did for myself. Soon I noticed that others learn things and wanted to hear more about my thoughts about art and health. It made me to want to write more! Now I started to feel little bit stressed about it. After all, it wasn't anymore just about me. There was people waiting me to write more.  I'm writing about this to get off from that feeling and letting myself back to write, when I feel  like it and I have something to say. I don't want to make content just for content! It would be waste of every ones time. I'm not leaving this project, but also I'm not promising to write weekly. If you want to see what happens in future, come to check this site time to time or follow my in Twitter as @FromMadeByMeri

Giving second change for my markers and buying new ones

I've been really into Inktober. Even more then I waited to be. I waited to have more problems with keeping this daily schedule, but surprisingly, only one day was hard to get anything done. I've been focusing to drawing so much and haven't really felt like writing. I think it's partly because, I've just been drawing and not doing that much anything else.

I've used almost completely my original markers. I had my first Sharpies ever and they used to be enough for me. Just because I didn't used to draw with them. I basically used those just for writing. They are okay and good for practicing, but now I'm needing more and I'm waiting from mail, my new Winston&Newton's Promarkers. I read and watched Youtube videos about, what would be the best for me. Copics are known to be the best, but the price is just way too much. I trust to Winston&Newton as brand, based of their other products, like paints. Also some artists actually prefer them, over C…

How I draw my bears

I've been posting bear pictures in Twitter @FromMadeByMeri as part of my Inktober challenge This is short post about how I draw bear in rocking chair.
I use usually a pencil, corner ruler, a rubber and markers. I prefer 120g drawing paper for this. Regular printer paper is little too thin. Papers that are for markers are expensive, but then you don't get ink into paper. That's use something under the paper while drawing, so you don't mess the paper underneath,

I like to start by  drawing a couple lines with pencil, to show me, to where I want to draw and what are middle points.  I usually use H, HB or B pencils for sketching. It's easy to erase. Just don't press so hard that the point of the pencil presses marks to paper. When I'm drawing movement or different positions, I start from making simple "skeleton" and adding the shape of the body.

I wanted to show the bear from half front, not from side, so I moved all the details to little bit to side…

Inktober, drawing bears and mistakes

If you've been checking from my Twitter, how my Inktober is going, you've probably noticed that it's mostly about bears. I started from autumn theme. It made the most sense for me. Day three was the first one with a bear. Actually the bear was just side character, that I needed as buddy for the bunny.  In next days all my ideas started to be around bears and I couldn't stop drawing them. I started to make multiple drawings per day and then moved to draw those on computer also. My whole first week of October was just drawing bears! More about it Drawing - by hand vr programs

I've always drawn bears. When I'm just letting my mind to wonder or I have to suddenly draw something, it's often been a bear. They have been looking like this a long time now. I didn't even realized, that it was it own character before this month. It's always fluffy and patched. I think the idea for the look is from my own teddy bear. I've saved only two of my childhood'…

Drawing - by hand vr programs

It's easy to see how into I've been about drawing last week. I haven't written anything. Not here or my book. I've just been drawing. Inktober really woke up my love for basics, what it part of the idea of Inktober. I have changes to do almost anything related to art and crafting, so it's easy to forget something as common then drawing. It's option for anyone. You don't need anything else then a pen or pencil and corner of paper. Forget that! You don't need even those! You can draw to sand by your finger or with frosting to cake!

Sewing is my strongest skill, but I like to test new things and do just for fun. Anyways doing something for work or for fun, feels really different. When it's "just" for fun, it doesn't ever stress me or make me to worry about anything. I'm not thinking how much it will cost, how much time I'm using for it or will I get it ready. And the fact is that anyone else doesn't have to be happy with it. I…

Inktober - what it is and why I'm doing it

31 days, 31 drawings. That's how simple it is! There is something to consider, if you want to be part of actual Intober, but basic idea is just to draw more. I heard about Inktober about 51 weeks ago. End of last October. This year I was more at time and remembered it about a week ago. I'm publishing this early to give time for those, who might want to do this.

I did little researching for this. Artist named Jake Parker challenged people to draw more and share their creations at 2009 and it become annual thing. Like the name says it's between 1.-31. of October and idea is to make a drawing per day. Official rules are 1) to do ink drawing, 2) post it 3) mark it with #inktober and #inktober2018. If daily challenge feel too much, you can variate it to work for you. Official Inktober page is There is tips and more information about this. Also idea calendar, that you can use if you need it, but it's optional. I'm going with feeling day by day.

So why I&…